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Columbia Mattress and Upholstering, Inc. is a family owned business that has been manufacturing quality bedding since 1927 when my grandfather, Federico Vitale, began operations.

Pillow Top

Each mattress and box spring is individually crafted right here in our factory.
Quality and pride go into each and every piece of bedding we manufacture, and we guarantee that our products are top of the line.  We use only the highest grades of foam and padding, the most important components of the mattress.  The feel of a mattress is very important to a good night sleep.  Here, at Columbia Mattress, we make firm, medium firm and super firm mattresses.  We also offer a pillow top for customers who need that softer feel in a mattress.
We specialize in custom-built bedding.  For that antique bedroom furniture that needs a special size bed, whether it be a special length, width or even cut outs for the mattress, we will custom build any uncommon size bed for you.  We manufacture special bedding for mobile homes, boats, or any odd-sized mattress.
By purchasing your bedding directly from the manufacturer, you will save the cost of the middleman (the retail store) of approximately a 50% to 100% mark up.
In addition to manufacturing bedding, we also reupholster furniture at Columbia Mattress and Upholstering, Inc.  With our experienced craftsmanship and only the best quality of materials used, we take pride knowing that every customer we deal with is satisfied with our finished product.  For the high quality of upholstering that we do, our prices cannot be beat.
We offer free delivery to customers in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut Area.
We will ship our products anywhere outside of the New Haven, Connecticut Area for a reasonable shipping fee.
Thank you for considering our company for your bedding needs.  If you should have any questions regarding our company or our products, please feel free to call us at (203) 789~1213.
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